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Russian experts invent fast-acting sterilizer for surgical appliances

Researchers from the Saratov State Technical University have created a device capable of sterilizing surgical appliances in 5−7 minutes, while similar gadgets take about 1 to 3 hours to complete the same task.
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The scientific team from SSTU developed a compact fast-acting sterilizer for surgical appliances, which does the job several times faster than related devices. This latest technological breakthrough kills microorganisms of all types in 5−7 minutes by applying an electromagnetic field. That said, all sporous and asporogenic bacteria are fully eliminated. Current analogues for sterilizing surgical appliances make use of boiling water, steam, or chemical substances.

The new device is pocketsize and very easy to operate. «All you need to do is just place the appliances inside and press the start button. Additionally, the new sterilizer is not only faster than similar devices but also more compact», SSTU professor and coauthor of the innovation, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Vil Baiburin said.

«This is a portable device which is not heavier than 20 kg. The device’s dimensions don’t exceed 50, 50, and 70 cm in all directions, respectively; while all other modern analogous devices are quite massive and weigh far heavier. The sterilizer has a very broad application range including extramural clinics, field hospitals, cultural-domestic institutions, research and educational medical institutions. Our device is very easy to operate. The only prerequisite to using it is an electrical outlet as electricity powers it», Baiburin commented.

Moreover, according to the scientist, among the new device’s significant benefits is the relatively low manufacturing price.

«On the modern market, price tags for similar devices are up to 40,000 rubles. The suggested price of our device is about 2,000−3,000 rubles», Baiburin said and noted, «the efficiency of the new sterilizer is confirmed by microbiological analysis».

The scientist claimed that the device would be highly sought after on the market. According to his assessments, the total volume of the market includes many thousands of devices and, therefore, it is possible that the initial gadgets will be available very shortly for sale. This development has already stirred up interest from a Saratov research and industrial company «Nika-Svch».

«Our company set its sights on manufacturing such sterilizers. This device has some clear advantages over existing ones. Therefore, we have reason to believe that it will find customers not only in Russia but also abroad», Nika-Svch CEO Valery Meshchanov said.

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