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Airliner MS-21 with Russian engines subjected to the first test

The employees for Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute have held next scheduled tests of the model of a new domestic short/medium haul aircraft MS-21−300. The last test included an engine PD-14.
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Previously, the new domestic aircraft has been tested only with imported engines of American company Pratt & Whitney PW1400G.

The trial flights have been conducted in a so-called trans-sonic tube of Central Aerodynamic Institute. It imitates the flights at transonic velocity, which is the limit value for subsonic MS-21. Additionally, the investigators have modeled the take-in and take-off regimes of the airliner.

In the course of tests, it has been approved that the aerodynamical quality of the airplane remains very high also with the Russian engine PD-14. This conclusion is essential as the primary development of MS-21 has been done considering the import engine & Whitney PW1400G as the primary working power. However, the modern international market certifies the plane only in the case if a solid international lobby can be guaranteed. The manufacturer of Pratt & Whitney is capable of giving such lobby, while the fabricator of PD-14 is not. As a result of these circumstances, any export deliveries of MS-21 should come together with an imported engine, whereas the internal domestic items will include PD-14.

At the same time, the PD-14 outperforms the imported analogous engines by several parameters. According to developers, the fuel consumption rate is by 10% lower than for other analogous engines of same measurements and mass. By now, it is still unclear on which market the MS-21 will be higher sought after: on domestic or foreign. Hence, one cannot estimate which engine is more relevant.

Before, the developers from Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics have come up with a new bird scarer to keep them away from airdromes.

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